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Adventures with RA

Living life to the full, rheumatoid arthritis and all!

Vision for Adventures with RA

To promote an active lifestyle.
To share my experiences in such a way that they may be encouraging and useful to others suffering from chronic illness.
To spread a positive and 'can-do' attitude and encourage others to seek joy daily.

The desire to start this project was sparked towards the end of March 2019. On a whim, I started working through an online course that covers personal brand development and social media. I realised I wanted more, though… More than just the superficial selfies and as many likes and followers as possible; this project needed to be meaningful.

I wanted to promote an adventurous and healthy lifestyle, challenging others to get out there and live! I wanted to share my personal experience regarding life’s challenges and for them to be an encouragement to others. And I wanted to spread a positive, can-do attitude and share ways to pursue joy.

So there were a few puzzle pieces that were floating around in my head, but hadn’t quite fallen into place yet. Something that makes me unique when considering the above desires is that I have rheumatoid arthritis. It has been my constant companion since the age of 12; and, barring a miracle, will continue to be for the rest of my life.

When one Googles this disease, the results are filled with reports of suffering: blog posts about pain, medication side effects, and secondary syndromes and symptoms. While these are a reality and deserve consideration; my adventurous spirit refuses to give in, give up and stay home. Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone is tremendously good for the soul and character-building.

One morning in early April, the 'Adventures with RA' idea hit me as I was driving to work. It addressed all of the above desires! There’s been much brainstorming since, and I hope this will grow into something that is both useful and inspiring to others suffering from chronic illness as well as to their loved ones and support system.

Life’s an adventure, even without RA… Join me in embracing it!
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