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Blessed with Health

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

‘Since when has impossible ever stopped You?’ – Elevation Worship

It’s been a hard year. I know there are many people worse off than I am, and I’m thankful for many things, but 2020 has not been a walk in the park. Not by a long shot. Between the pandemic, lockdown, a failed relationship and work challenges, this year has stretched and tested me in ways I never anticipated.

But I’ve also been blessed beyond measure, and this post is about joy!

I had a ‘moment’ while driving the other day: a moment that brought me to tears quite unexpectedly.

I was listening to a song called ‘Rattle!’ by Elevation Worship, and while singing along to some of the lyrics and remembering the previous day’s awesome mountaineering adventure, I just starting blubbing. I hadn’t been feeling emotional; I hadn’t experienced anything particularly challenging that day: these were tears of gratitude.

I was struck by how many adventures and happy moments I’ve been blessed with lately.

The pure, unbridled joy of bumboarding in such soft, sun-kissed snow that my whole backside was soaked after just one run...

Two images side by side, the left one of me with my backpack and bumboard strapped on, the right one of me bumboarding down fresh snow in the sunshine

The satisfaction of being strong enough to carry a backpack full of cooking supplies to the top of a mountain to make pancakes with a view…

Two images side by side of groups of friends making mini pancakes in the wilderness

The moment that weeks of excited anticipation turned to realisation when I scrambled my way up to the entrance of the Woodhead Tunnel and stared ahead of me into the deep, dark belly of Table Mountain…

Entrance to Woodhead tunnel on the left, photo of the dark tunnel ahead on the right.

The feeling of drawing deep breaths of fresh, crisp air into my lungs on a cold winter’s morning as I ran along a beautiful trail next to the river at Silvermine…

Ruaan running on the boardwalk part of the trail on the left; me looking out over the Silvermine dam on the right.

I felt so alive in each of these moments! And remembering them, and others, brings a big smile to my face every time. I am incredibly grateful to be well enough to do these sorts of things.

To some, it may seem silly to become emotional about experiences like these, but for those of us suffering from a chronic illness that could snatch physical health away in the blink of an eye, being able to LIVE – almost without limitation – is a big deal. Those who have never had to fight for their health in any significant way will never understand how protectively we guard ours or how greatly we treasure it. Good health is such a blessing!

Coming back to that moment in the car, there’s a part of the song where the band members sing/shout ‘Live!’ backwards and forwards to each other for a little while. I felt so encouraged by that, reminded of how God’s intention is for us to have life ‘to the full’ (John 10:10).

I intend to continue to LIVE!

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Malik Saab
Apr 23

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